Experience with Aaron Rodgers influenced Nathaniel Hackett’s approach to Russell Wilson

The big takeaway from an item on TheAthletic.com about Russell Wilson’s first year in Denver comes from the report that Seattle owner Jody Allen wanted to fire coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider. (Wilson denies it.) The story contains Other interesting nuggets.

For example, it’s clear that Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett’s approach to Wilson in Denver was influenced by Hackett’s experience with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay in 2019.

That year, Hackett came in as offensive coordinator, working with new coach Matt LaFleur. According to the report, LaFleur would “sometimes come up with a new concept or play in an offensive huddle” and Rodgers would “shoot it down”.

According to the report, Hackett doesn’t want to go through the same experience again.

“I don’t want to do it again,” Hackett said, an unnamed Broncos assistant coach told TheAthletic.com. “I want this transition to be as easy, fluid and quick as possible.”

It might have been too easy for Wilson.

“He had a lot of influence,” another coach told TheAthletic.com. “And it was mainly based on what Hackett had allowed him to influence.”

So Wilson, who wanted to be the center of the offense for years, got what he wanted. It didn’t work. The challenge for new coach Sean Payton is striking a fine balance between improving Wilson and making sure he doesn’t have too much power.

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