Trump, 2020 election related investigation The Special Chancellor’s Committee has decided

ATLANTA (AP) — A special grand jury in Atlanta is investigating Did then-President Donald Trump and his allies commit any crimes while trying to overturn a 2020 election loss in Georgia? It has completed its work, bringing the case closer to possible criminal charges against Trump and others.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney, who oversaw the panel, issued a two-page order Monday dissolving the special panel., said it has completed its work and submitted its final report. The lengthy investigation is one of several across the country that threaten legal jeopardy for Trump as he makes a third bid for the White House..

Whether to seek an indictment from a regular grand jury will be up to Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis. Willis spokesman Jeff DeSantis said the office has no comment on termination of the committee’s work.

In its order, McBurney recommended that the special grand jury make its report public. He scheduled a hearing for Jan. 24 to determine whether all or part of the report should be released, and said the district attorney’s office and news outlets will have an opportunity to present arguments at that hearing.

Since June, the special grand jury has heard testimony from dozens of witnesses, including former New York mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and several close Trump associates such as Chen. Lindsay Graham From South Carolina. Top Georgia officials have also testified, including Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger..

Last month, Jan. 6, 2021, the House Committee probing the rebellion asserted in its final report. Trump was criminally involved in a “multi-part conspiracy” to alter the legal results of the 2020 presidential election and failed to stop his supporters from storming the Capitol. The report concludes an extraordinary 18-month investigation into the former president and the violent attack.

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Special juries in Georgia cannot issue an indictment, but instead issue a final report recommending action to be taken.

Willis began the trial in early 2021, Jan. 2, 2021 shortly after the recording of the phone call was released Between Trump and Raffensberger. During that call, the president suggested that the state’s top election official could “find” the votes needed to overturn his loss in the state.

“I want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,” Trump said. Because we won state.

Since then, it has become clear that Willis is focusing on a different area: phone calls made by Trump and his allies to Georgia officials.; false statements by Trump associates before Georgia legislative committees; 16 Republicans who signed a certificate said it was wrong that Trump won the state and that they were “duly elected and qualified” voters of the state; Sudden resignation U.S. Attorney in Atlanta in January 2021; Alleged efforts To put pressure on the Fulton County Elections Clerk; and violated election equipment In a rural south Georgia county.

Giuliani’s lawyers confirmed in August Prosecutors told them he could face criminal charges in the case. According to public court filings, 16 Republican bogus voters are also said to be targets of the investigation. Others may also have been announced as targets for investigation.

Trump and his allies have consistently denied any wrongdoing, repeatedly describing his call with former president Raffensberger as “perfect” and dismissing Willis’ investigation as a “strictly political witch hunt.”

Willis took the unusual step of requesting that a special grand jury be convened in January 2022. To assist in the investigation. He noted that a special jury would have subpoena power to help compel testimony from witnesses who don’t want to participate in the trial.

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Willis said in a letter that his office had received information indicating a “reasonable probability” that the 2020 Georgia election, including the presidential race, would be “subject to potential criminal interference.” Her request was accepted And the Special Assembly was appointed in May.

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